ADMC on Ipad

How to get ADMC and Every Single Premiership game on iPad or iPhone

To get the ADMC Sports app, you will need an iTunes account located in the middle east.  For this example we will go with Egypt.  This is the same as setting up any iTunes account, with the only real difference being that you need to 1)choose a country i.e. Egypt and 2)use a different email address to your current iTunes account.

This guide assumes you know how to create an iTunes account but if you do not click here

Once you are logged into your new Egyptian account search for ADMC or AD Sports and download the app you can recognise the logo easily.


So, the ADMC app is geolocked, as is the ADMC website but once you have it on your iDevice the content is NOT geolocked but this may change in the future. Not an issue if you have a reliable VPN service anyway.

For the ADMC website you will need to access it via a VPN. This is the only way you can set up an account.

Setting up an ADMC account

go to

straight away you will get the following message. You can see in the message below the full list list of countries where access is allowed. When choosing a VPN provider you need to pick one with a choice of at least one of the countries listed.  For this example we will use Astrill VPN, and their Egyptian server.


The reason I use Astrill is the availability of their software for different platforms, and its general ease of use.  It also is useful if you are on a PC / Laptop with multiple users so for example you could dedicate one web browser only to go via VPN and all others go as normal. This means less techy members of the home dont have to worry about it!

To sign up to Astrill click here Once your account is up and running you can test it on your PC or Mac first or go straight to using the app on iPad / iPhone


To download the Astrill App for iPad and iPhone click here to take you to the iTunes store or do it directly on your iPad or iPhone

Launch the Astill app on your iPad or iPhone and log in using your new Astrill account details


Once you are logged in you can choose a server. For this example choose a server in Egypt (unless you are already in Egypt in which case pick another middle eastern server to test it with).


Once the VPN route is properly connected you will see the VPN notification icon on the iPad Screen.

Once you are “in Egypt” you can go back to the webpage that was previously geolocked and unavailable and you will see a section where you can sign up. Click on subscribe now.

You set up an account BEFORE you get access, so dont worry.  The accounts are free and offer access to news and clips, when you pay you get access to the live game streams too



continue and you will get the opportunity to buy all 380 games at the unbelievable price of $22.50 (yes US dollars!!)


Once you have paid up, and you can use paypal if you like, you will have a username, password and a valid subscription to the ADMC live game streams, every single game of the season!

Now you can open the app on your iPad or iPhone.  Note, once the app is on your device and you have a valid account the content is NOT geolocked on your iDevice! Bonus, this means you can stream using your ISPs full bandwidth!

Just choose the game you want to watch!!

Enjoy your cheap as chips subscription to the best league in the world!

Total cost is $22.50 plus your VPN subscription which you only need for 9 months! Boom!




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